Mar 23rd, 2009

May 3, 2009
Apr 24, 2009
Mar 9, 2009
Mar 4, 2009

Why It Was Killed

 This is an example of how far political correctness has gone in our society.

This is a promo piece for myself that I provide to clients who want to advertise my drawing caricatures appearance at their event. The self-caricature and caricature of the President Obama is art used to illustrate, not commentary to challenge readers beliefs to provoke thought.

I have always used the current U.S. president in these promotional pieces.

So, one would think that this is a SUPER safe image, myself, with a popular president.

Yes- I was very surprised when a client asked me to remove the president's image. Their reason was that they feared some people would take offense of an image of the president advertising a caricaturist's appearance at their event.

Since this is not any kind of commentary, I replaced Obama with a self-caricature.

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