The top ten reasons Milt does not accept other's ideas




  1. Priggee is dyslexic and would mess up what you wanted to express.
  2. If he were to use your idea he'd be stalking you every day for another one.
  3. If he were to illustrate your idea he probably would mispell your name.
  4. Your phone number would have to be included in the cartoon so you could answer all the hate calls.
  5. If your illustrated cartoon ended up in a lawsuit...well, good luck.
  6. Signing his name to your idea is...PLAGIARISM.
  7. If the plagiarized cartoon won an award you would have to take Priggee to court for your prize money.
  8. Priggee's price for illustrating your idea is way too expensive.
  9. He actually believes his ideas are better than your ideas.
  10. Milt is embarrasssed that his ideas really are not better than yours.