Apr 19th, 1992

Oct 31, 1994
Sep 1, 1994
Apr 1, 1992
Dec 1, 1991

Why It Was Killed

This is THE strangest killed cartoon of ANY cartoonist EVER. The publisher of the Spokesman-Review suddenly and unexpectedly passes away from a heart attack. I felt compelled to thank the man who hired me by saying he was a great man because of his true humility. Like I said, this was THE strangest...killed cartoon...! When I turned it into the editor, he was extremely HAPPY for my graphic expression of our publisher passing away. An hour later he returned the cartoon to me and told me we can't use it. When I asked, why not, he replied that the family said, ' we had said enough.' (on the topic) I could tell by the expression of his face he didn't understand either what he had just told me but that was all he could share. The editor knew that answer didn't make ANY sense at all because I hadn't and never did acknowledge the passing of our publisher. Oh I said it was the .......STRANGEST.

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