The R- word

Jul 18, 2015

Amazing......Confederate flag demonstrators greeted President Obama in Oklahoma while visiting a Federal prison to discuss his efforts to overhaul the criminal-justice system. That's not as surprising as when the demonstrators then say they're not racists. It makes one wonder then what do those racists believe is.... racist.....?

Well- that's proof that racists are a special kind of stupid.....and as Ron White says, You can't fix stupid.

Racists waving the confederate flag outside the first black president of America's hotel is NOT (?) racist  they're just out here supporting their flag.

I'm not saying they don't have the right to gather and fly whatever flag they want. I'm also not saying they don't have the right to lie about what they are doing or who they are. That's what freedom of speech and expression looks like. In a free country you are going to see and hear things that are so disagreeable...they're just not going to make any sense. I AM saying I'm totally AMAZED. Amazed that they think this is supporting their flag. This is just further proof that racists have more than one screw loose. 

It just keeps keeps bouncing around inside my does any sane brain look at a flag that has represented white supremacists hatred for the black race for 150 years say the flag doesn't have anything to do with racism......??? How is that possible?

It's possible when a society doesn't value it's history. When a culture celebrates the traitors of it's past, the celebration legitimizes the symbols of the traitors. That celebration tends to white wash the history of those symbols. When the uneducated see the long-time celebrated symbol, they don't see the history- they see the celebration. 


-Milt Priggee

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