Jason Pierre-Paul

Jul 8, 2015


Happy Fourth of July....celebrating our Independence.

What does that mean to you...? Does that mean watching fireworks at night like Francis Scott Key did over two hundred years ago that inspired him to write our national anthem....?


Does that mean reveling in our God given right of free market capitalism to embrace pyromania....?


Literally believing in American Exceptionalism.... that playing with fire and gunpowder will not have any consequences....?

Not that much difference between the last two choices...except that one is a little safer than the other.

Buying and setting off your own fireworks as always been a pet peeve for me. .... which makes great material for me to comment on. I see my cartoons on this subject as a public service announcement... a reminder to be careful with your lethal explosives. 

The above cartoon I don't believe got much exposure in the print world as the visual subject matter of hands and fingers lying out on the street might be a bit shocking and we wouldn't want to make anybody to think twice about playing with matches and gunpowder. (I don't tell newspapers what to print and they don't tell me what to draw.)

When I saw the included news item about a man accidently killing himself while building a pipe bomb for his own Fourth of July celebration...I felt extremely justified in addressing the issue. Usually I exaggerate to make a point...but I only showed injuries in addressing an unfortunate death.

Then a couple of days after the fourth, it's reported that the New York Giants star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is in a hospital getting his finger amputated due to playing with fireworks. This is a professional football player with an unsigned multi-million dollar contract on the table. When I use the word multi-million.... I don't mean 3 or 4...I mean we're talking as much as $60 million dollars.

Good luck signing that contract without your index finger.......because the Giants have pulled their $60 million contract offer.




-Milt Priggee

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