The hypocritical rapist

Jul 9, 2015

So- Bill Cosby is a rapist.

The Cos is not in jail right now because he used his drugs 'n' money to abuse lady justice. Seriously- he's not in jail because of the statute of limitations....for the individual crimes. What about the criminal ....the SERIAL criminal...who has been accused and confessed....? I guess if you have enough money . the statute of limitations works out pretty good for you.

Cosby exploited a huge hole in our justice system. This mess seems to be a slow motion accident that is far from the terrible tumbling. I just now found out that some states may NOT have a statute of limitations for sexual abuse.

Now...he's being drawn 'n quartered in the court of public opinion. He's toxic....commercial interests are dropping they're association with what used to be America's lovable father figure. Disney is is removing a bronze bust of him from Disney World. TV Land is dropping his popular show from their rerun lineup.

Joe Paterno looked the other way, the Donald shoots off his mouth, Tiger Woods cheated, Jared Fogle 'Mr. Subway' hires a sick child porn aficionado to work at his foundation.....but Cosby drugged, raped, bought off, denied and lied.  

Seems like these celebrities messing up seems to be getting worse and worse every time one is revealed. 

It's weird because these celebrity people seem to go out of their way to do themselves in. Or maybe it's just karma's way they have just been the receipient of just way too much money.

-Milt Priggee

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