Media Monday....or Milt's moldy memories

Jul 6, 2015

The above link will take you to an EBAY page  that is auctioning off a personal letter that I sent an autograph collector. He or she requested a photo along with my autograph....maybe also along with a doodle or two....I really don't remember....mainly because the letter was sent more than 32 years ago.

The  hand-drawn stationary was originally from when I lived in Chicago.....which you see that address crossed out and replaced with the name and address of a newspaper that has been dead for almost 30 years...The Journal Dayton, Ohio. I was the last editorial cartoonist for the Journal Herald before it closed Sept.15, 1986....after starting there in the summer of '82.

I noticed the listing was from the UK....but I can't help but wonder....who would want to buy one of my hand written letters from 32 tears ago. More interestingly- WHY would anybody want a personally hand written from 32 years ago....? The most notable aspect of the letter was the perceived value of my correspondence.

Dave Thompson contacted me via Facebook and shared the Ebay link....that let me know I could buy my own personally written and signed letter for only ......$49.00

-Milt Priggee

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