Media Monday

Jun 29, 2015

Paul Conrad, famous LA Times editorial cartoonist was on Nixon's enemies list. Then had a series of audits by the IRS.

A small handful of editorial cartoonists have been sued for libel by businesses and businessmen (yeah Conrad was also on that list). FYI- no American cartoonist has ever lost a libel lawsuit

A growing number of staff editorial cartoonists in America have simply been expunged from our daily newspapers by publishers and editors. Those managers believe the best way to stop a ship from sinking is to shoot holes in the bottom to let the water out.

Most politicians (other than the afore mentioned Nixon) believe that when you are the subject of an editorial cartoon they've reached a certain level of power and influence. Depending on their level of vanity they check to see how fat and/or bald they were drawn. Once they've double checked to make sure their name was spelled correctly they let it be known that they would appreciate to own the original cartoon to be framed and to hang it in their office.......water closet.

So- a few lawsuits and layoffs...American cartooonists have had in easy compared to cartoonists in the rest of the world

-Milt Priggee

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