What a strange two weeks...

Jun 26, 2015

I've been following and commenting on the news for the past almost forty years and I can not remember any two week period like our country has just experienced. It went from weird to disastrous to contemplative to jump for joy and back to disastrous. 

About two weeks ago the President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP lost her mind but found another race to identify with. She cashed in her credibility and 15 minutes of fame doing network interviews trying to convince the world of the importance of what race a person identifies with. Nobody has figured out yet why she wanted to do this or why re-identifying yourself with another race was important.....or even why some network news producers granted her as much air time as she received.  I seriously doubt we'll ever find out the answers to these questions. I truly believe she's the product of a strange family life.

Speaking a strange family shoots Dylann Storm Roof. I mean who names their child Storm....?....I know it's only his middle name ....but geeze but that doesn't answer the question....why would you give the name Storm to a child...?

I guess it all went downhill from there. It takes a village and we all failed him and we paid for it......some more than others. 

On the bright side....our society seemed to finally understand forgiveness by what survivors and relatives of the victims said at Dylann's bond hearing. They told him that they forgive him and ask God for mercy on his soul.....and hate doesn't win.

Now if we as a society can put THAT kind of understanding on the front end of living out lives...we won't have to suffer as much at bond hearings and funerals.

The Charleston massacre led to a public debate about the displaying the flag of treasonous traitors of the United States over southern statehouse and grounds. 

-Milt Priggee

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