Media Monday with Lester Holt

Jun 22, 2015

When some people make enough money, they retire from whatever they were doing that generated that money....even if the public still wanted them in their lives. The retired too soon list is includes Oprah, Gary Larson of the Far Side and Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips just to name a few.

Where as other people who do too little for too much too quickly seem to lose the ability to keep their feet on the ground. They start believing their own press clippings and that their own you know what doesn't stink. They lose the ability to understand the difference between right 'n' wrong. They believe the world revolves around them instead of vice versa. Their morals and values become irrelevant to their own benefit. 

In the entertainment world....can you say Charlie Sheen...WINNING...!!

In the journalism world George Stephanopoulos writing 3- $25,000. checks to the Hillary Clinton Foundation and not disclosing it- that created a blatant conflict of interest while covering the foundation.

Now to Brian Williams of NBC, who has been off the air for about the last six months for embellishing stories about him riding in a helicopter that was supposedly taking fire, complete with bullet holes.

Mr. Williams is back on the air....sort of....he'll be working at MSNBC trying to regain the trust of the public and the suits who paid his salary.

People are wondering- why would a guy at the top of his game and that game is telling the truth, why would he embellish stories about himself....? Why would a broadcast journalist who is being paid $10 million dollars a year to read the news, feel he needed to embellish stories about himself.

Ten million dollars a year is ten times more than most people will make in a lifetime and Mr. Williams knows it and more importantly he felt his core. The NBC suits also know that paying $10 million dollars a year to somebody to read the news is a bit ridiculous and it made themselves question their values.

So- to justify that salary they figured they needed to polish or embellish their professional news reader's resume'. They did this by sending him and a crew to record for further promote Mr. Williams being a journalist out in the field.....combat field.  Not too 'combat'...because God forbid our news reader gets hurt. See? Mr. Williams just isn't a news reader, he can go on a field trip and ask interesting questions.....and the proof of it were used on those NBC Evening News with Brian Williams promo pieces. 

I believe Mr. Williams is basically a good, honest and yes truthful human being. He just had a salary inflated ego. Even though future paychecks won't be as inflated as they once were...I doubt he'll be worrying where his next buck is gonna come from. 

Maybe being a basically honest person he felt uncomfortable receiving the size of his paycheck for reading the news. SO- instead of giving some of the money back, starting a foundation or just giving it to charity he figured he'd play the 'celebrity' game. Mr. Williams went on talk shows to do talk about himself....reading the news(?). Greater exposure = greater name recognition= a greater paycheck.

Sharing embellishments of near the combat zone rides in a helicopter is a lot more interesting than reading the news from an office building in New York city. Mr. Williams did to the helicopter ride story of his field trip as the NBC suits did to his career.

That's why the NBC suits didn't move on Mr. Williams when it happened.....both benefited by the the big white lies.




-Milt Priggee

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