Jun 29, 2015

Jon Stewert's monologue last night was very apropos. I also can not believe or accept ... or as Jon said wrap his head around the fact that we as a country will not do anything to try to avert another mass shooting.

We've accepted the fact that 

Heritage not hate....or heritage of hate....or the symbolic representation of victimhood. Well, which does the Confederate Flag represent...?....most likely all three. I've heard the heritage Vs hate debate for decades. I haven't heard as much about the victimhood aspect of the rebel flag.

I have read over the years that a significant amount of southerners are still fighting the American Civil War. Or they're still upset of the final outcome that they lost......and that flag flies everyday over the capitol dome, it's on t-shirts, license plates posters,etc,etc..... It's a constant reminder that since they lost they are being put victims. 



-Milt Priggee

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