Crime of Apathy

Jun 19, 2015

Mental illness, hate crime or crime of apathy. By calling, labeling the church shooting in Charleston S.C. a hate crime or a mental illness crime, either way it absolves us, our society of any responsibility. Hence, since we're not responsible we don't have to do anything to correct the conditions that helped create the event in the first place. 

This church massacre was a crime of apathy....where the shooter just fell through the cracks or off the grid. That point was illustrated succinctly on last night's network news broadcast about the shooter's background. The report mentioned the shooter.... 'repeated the ninth grade with no indication that he had graduated'. The report didn't say he failed, dropped out or quit.... what the school had was that there was 'no indication that he had graduated'.

Now I generally dislike people saying, wellll back in my day we used if everything was so much better back in the day. 

Those were different days back then and with our entering the information age, education is a lot more important today. Yet our system for making sure that children's minds are engaged in exercising their brains is totally nonexistent. I mean when was the last time you even heard the title...truant officer...? Our society has lost the ability to see the big picture. To understand how education prepares a young person's mind to protect itself from the undersides of the world. In school a young person is gaining the ability to think, to make decisions to recognize the difference between right and wrong, to help it develop empathy.

Instead our society just doesn't care about the future enough to make sure underage children are attending school 'til graduation. We just let them float out of our care with 'no indication that they graduated' face the worst aspects of our world and then expect them to be fine upstanding citizens. We are so clueless about the big picture that when tragedy happens all we can say is that it was pure evil. Pure evil? yeah another nice little label that absolves us of any responsibility.

I'm not saying that a HS diploma is a guarantee against more mass shootings. What I am saying is, if racist hate is taught maybe our society should put forth a better effort at making sure a young brain can protect itself from those teachings. 

I believe the state law in South Carolina for compulsory attendance requires children to be in school from the ages of 5 to 17. I believe our shooter just quit going to school before 17 and nobody followed up to find out why. Nobody cared enough...

Now we have 9 plus one reasons why we should've cared a lot more than we did.



-Milt Priggee

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