Trump the Chump

Jun 17, 2015

Donald Trump has now thrown his hair into the ring to become President....or another way to say it is, Money talks and BS walks..... or runs to an increasingly right leaning base.

Why does the Donald think he can be president or even make a viable run for the presidency.....? He's an egomaniac, a narcissist on steroids who has mixed up being a king with presidential leadership.The steroids are our campaign-finance system that says money is speech. Somehow he got the idea that a royal decree is presidential leadership. 

He's never held elective office, never politically compromised on anything and the word 'diplomacy' does not exist in the Donald's dictionary.

He's  the democrats' secret weapon, a suicide bomber intent on taking the republican party down with him. Trump is the spokesperson, lobbyist for the Birther Tea Party. He's so far out there ...he makes Mitt Romney look like Mother Teresa. He's a carnival barker, saying any outrageous (and I do mean ANY) thing to get people into his tent.

It may sound like I'm complaining but I'm really not because as Trump said, " I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created." Which is true because he's going to be keeping a lot of comedy writers employed at least until he drops out of his expensive charade. Next time somebody asks me where I get my ideas from...all I have to say now is ...Trump.

I've heard of burning your bridge before or behind you...but with Trump he's really enjoying his own personal gold-plated flamethrower. Unfortunately, he's on the middle of the bridge with all the other republican presidential campaigners ...and that's why Hillary will be the next one in the White House.





-Milt Priggee

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