Do you have to be black, to be black....?

Jun 15, 2015

SO- the President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP doesn't know if she's African-American, black or white.... Obviously she's not playing with a full-deck....and has decided to step down from her leadership position. She'll now spend the rest of her professional life trying to regain her credibility and public trust.

This story will be floating in the public's news stream until either she apologizes or at least explains why she decided to fight for justice and civil rights by lying about her background. It won't be easy for her to do because she's been playing the victim for most of her life. She's been using her victimization to manipulate her way through life.

I'm assuming you've already read or heard that she most likely planted her hangmen nooses and along with claiming she received racist harassment hate mail. She's the ultimate victim....and it doesn't matter what race she is identifying with at the time when she claims she has been injured.

Rachael identifies so strongly and completely with the African-American race that she sued her Alma mater, Howard University. Howard is a historically black institution and she sued because she felt discriminated against because she was white. 

Yes- a judge threw the lawsuit out of court ......and the Spokane police dropped their investigation of the racist hate mail......and Eastern WA Univ. where she was a part-time professor has dropped her bio from their WEB site .......and Rachael's dropped her integrity....all over the sidewalk. 

Probably the weirdest thing about this strange minstrel show....has been some media pundits actually trying to explain and defend Rachael's identifying herself as a black person. They do this in part by saying that you can be a white person and still be a leader of civil rights....even to the point of listing of previous other white people who have fought for civil rights.

SO- I'll try to bring the essence of the issue back, by saying, yes, you can be white and fight for civil justice....but it's just a little more difficult to do it in blackface.

-Milt Priggee

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