Football Suicide

Mar 26, 2015

 Brain damage leading to suicides, permanent disabilities and death at all levels of competition is starting to take it's toll on the sport. Now retirements from the NFL by players- not at the end of their careers, but just as they're beginning their dream career. It's where the football player has worked and strived for their entire life to be. Now the brass ring is just not that shiny anymore.

After the money is spent, the crowds have left and lights have gone out the only thing an athlete has left is their memories. If you don't even have your memories, well then the decision to retire becomes a lot easier to make. YES- even if you're a star rookie, looking to cash in on a big pay day career. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

With football players continuing to get bigger and stronger at all levels of competition I seriously doubt the number of concussions to go down.

Will Rogers once said....Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. The NFL is on the brain damage tracks with the whistle of CTE bankruptcy getting louder every year. 

Players are just too big for themselves, their knees and the game. Part of the reason they're so big is that they don't have to be in good physical shape or health. In a 60 minute game there is just over 10 minutes of action...TOTAL. If you're only playing one side of the ball that's 5 minutes of physical action. That's why most lineman are closer to being obese that not being obese. 

My suggestion for the NFL, is one they'll never agree to. 

Require every player to play both offense AND defense.  OMG, you mean play for an entire ten minutes for 16 weeks for a multimillion dollar paycheck...??  The game may slow down a bit but then this isn't a track meet, it's football. That ten minutes of action is broken up by 50 minutes of catching your breath. 

Instead of a game of designated position players the NFL should take a page from the National league of MLB. Everybody plays offense and see who has the best team of 11 players.

The game would definitely change...I believe for the better....with less substitution and more action. Instead of a game of sprints, it would be more total conditioned athletes playing football instead of playing a certain skill set.

I guarantee, those 350lb lineman will be dropping weight real quick. Yes- they'll be slowing down as everybody will be slowing down. They won't be hitting as hard and there won't be as many concussions.

Oh, you're worried about concussions...? Go ahead, eliminate the extra point....but that's not going stop a former NFL player from shooting himself in the chest so they can donate their brain to CTE research.





-Milt Priggee

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