Cruz of Calgary, Canada

Mar 24, 2015

AND they're OFF...!

Ted Cruz is the first one out of the gates for the 2016 Presidential Race...!! And this is looking like it's really going to be something special of an election season. I mean the Tea Bagger who is dead last in the GOP popularity poll, decided that if he was ever going to be in the lead he better launch before anybody else did. SO- there's Ted Cruz the only declared candidate for the GOP nomination to run for the highest office in the land. Technically, leading the pack 

Amazing isn't it...? You ask yourself, how can that be....wasn't Ted Cruz a Canadian citizen since he was born in Calgary, Alberta. Yes, Ted was a Canadian citizen, he had dual citizenship his entire life until May 14th of last year when he realized it conflicted with his Tea Party credentials. So now Ted is  ALL American, and I'm sure I heard a huge sigh of relief coming from the north that they would no longer be associated with the smartest crazy man from Harvard.

You may also ask yourself, how can he run for president if his Dad was a Cuban AND he was born in Canada....? An Hispanic Canadian running for the presidency...?!...I know what yer thinking....I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!! Secure the borders! Stop these illegals from sneaking in our country just to take our jobs....and now they want our presidency!?? Send them back to the great white north where all those Hispanics belong any ways....!

Sane, competent citizens who understand the laws of our land already know that Ted Cruz is perfectly legal to run, win and serve. Does this all sound a bit familiar...?...of course it does. We already know this because we already have gone over this easily understood, cut 'n' dry, black 'n' white issue seven, six, five, four. three and two years ago.

This all sounds familiar because President Obama was born not in a foreign country, but in Hawaii. Sad that I have to say that Hawaii is part of the United States by being our 50th state. In addition his  mother was an America citizen. Sounds pretty black 'n' white, doesn't it...? That's because it is... Obama is the black and Cruz is the white.

It's just another flash point event that will reveal how deeply racist our country is. There are people to this day who are still questioning President Obama's qualification to run and serve as president of the U.S. These same strange people don't care about the law or even that Hawaii is one of our states. All that maters to them is that President Obama is half black....and they can't stand it. These racists are the base of the GOP. These past 7 years or so the GOP has been surfing this racist wave.

Now Ted Cruz has revealed how hypocritical republicans truly are. I have heard 'n' read more than a couple of pundits and people point out .....oh my, I never questioned Obama's birth certificate. It was all Donald Trump. The republicans are now claiming to be a Senator McCain, when he corrected that crazy lady in the town hall audience who called Obama a Muslim, etc... McCain just couldn't swallow or have anything to do with this crazy racist mentality. Now conservatives are saying we're not birthers, that's Donald Trump, not us!   Republicans are more of a racist Donald Trump than of a Senator John McCain. 

Buckle up for a few months or less of people questioning Cruz's presidential birth qualification. Just don't expect years of crazy people claiming a Cuban Canadian can't be our president. 

-Milt Priggee

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