Media Monday -RIP

Mar 23, 2015

This week's Media Monday brings sad news. Many of the cartoonists I followed as I grew up are now passing from this newsprint world. The above link will take you to The National Cartoonists Society's page that covers the passing of Jim Berry, Roy Doty, Jack Jurden and Irwin Hasen.

Jurden was the editorial cartoonist for The Evening Journal in Wilmington Delaware. Doty was a advertising cartoonist/illustrator while Hasen was a bullpen artist for DC Comics and the artist for the comic strip Dondi.

Jim Berry creator of Berry's World was something special to me. I met him at my first AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists) convention back in 1981. I remember him being very happy to meet me, especially when he found out I was ALSO a protege' of John Fischetti. He said welcome to the club and then explained that it was John Fischetti who helped him get his comic panel Berry's World syndicated with NEA. Jim and his wife Heather made me feel extra special and welcome at my first cartoonist convention. I was surprised to read in Jim's obit how popular his comic panel Berry's World was. I knew it was popular but I didn't know it was 1000 newspaper client popular. It should've been 2,000 newspaper popular, it was that good. Below is (I believe) a self-caricature of Jim. 


-Milt Priggee

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