The N word

Nov 20, 2012

The day after the presidential election I drew and posted a in-your-face-taunt to racists of a cartoon that simply read Nigger-2, Racists-0. It was just a little reminder to the racist crowd that they just lost to a man that they didn't consider their equal. 

The reaction to the cartoon was surprisingly....was somewhat shocking. A number of readers let me know they were upset, some were confused and others gave me high-fives! 

Some readers couldn't get past the 'N' word and completely ignored the last five years of birtherism BS. 

Some readers decided that since they didn't vote for Obama, I was calling them racists.

Some readers were confused and didn't understand the cartoon at all. They looked at the cartoon out of the context of the last five years racial hatred aimed at the President.

-Milt Priggee

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