Aug 3, 2011

 NEWS FLASH!!! Seattle Times Hires Staff Editorial CartoonistS....!
While visiting the Bellevue Art Fair this past weekend I walked by the Seattle Times booth where a solicitor asked me to subscribe to their newspaper. I replied by asking the  solicitor the name of their local staff editorial cartoonist. He said he couldn't remember their names. I said nameS??? He said, yeah- we have THREE! In fact one of them was in today's paper.
Needless to say I was shocked to hear this....I asked him to show me today's paper. I was really curious to see who one of these local cartoonists were.
Get this ....he didn't even have one copy of the product he was trying to sell. I told the solicitor that I found it hard to believe that the Seattel Times had hired a local cartoonist. That would've been big news....! 
On the way home I did buy a copy of the Sunday Seattle Times just to see who the new local graphic commentator was.
Just as I thought....there was NO local cartoon or local cartoonist published or mentioned in the Sunday paper.
SO- I seriously doubt there are three local staff editorial cartoonists working  for the Seattle Times, as their solicitor told me.
So much for newsprint credibility.....

-Milt Priggee

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