Apr 20, 2009

 Hello WWW & WW, (world wide web and western Washington)

My name is Milt Priggee, I am an editorial cartoonist and welcome to my blog.

I will be using this personal forum to speak out  about my own personal opinions concerning politics. life, culture, media and especially cartooning. 

Usually, I share my opinions graphically and let my visuals do my speaking for me without any additional writing. This is different, this is my blog. I can also get a little bit or a lot more personal with this platform. 

This blog will be different. Instead of just reporting what has happened I hope to burrow underneath whatever I am addressing and try to explain WHY certain things happen or are occurring.

I am not a staff newspaper editorial cartoonist as the financial and journalistic environment can no longer support the art. I draw cartoons for my site and distribute them to whoever I can. This anti-American trend of watering down graphic commentary has been the norm for over half a century. What I mean by watering down is the elimination of staff editorial cartoonist positions from America's newspapers. This link is proof of the elimination has been going on well before the current recession and the Internet.

-Milt Priggee

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